Putting on the Facebook front

This silent video features a man named Scott who shares his life through social media – or what he wants people to see. He goes through things in his life that are less than par yet plays up his posts to make his life seem better to gain more “likes”. When his girlfriend and him are doing nothing, he says theyre out to dinner. When she’s caught cheating he posts “finally single”. When he gets fired he shares “Finally quit my dead-end job #FollowYourDreams”. At the end of all these less than ideal events, he makes yet another post “my life sucks.”

It’s just interesting to me to see how this is seen to be true (to an extent). Clearly no one wants to see the awful things that are going on your life such as a break up, loss of a job or even your lack of excercise. The point of social media is to share your experiences with friends, but it seems to have become a popularity contest. It’s about who you’re friends with and how many likes your new profile picture got.

The quantity has overcome the quality – both with the software portion and the social. Facebook is ever changing to be new and unique, but with that it looses a sense of simplicity. By the time you’ve gotten used to your current version of Facebook, it’s updated to become something different. It’s all a tactic to become the most popular social media versus the most comfortable. Personally I would rather have quality over quantity, but maybe that’s just me.


Mommy-to-be meter dash – Response to Claire Cox

Wow, Claire’s post features such an incredible woman in a well written article! It’s such an inspiration to hear of someone following their passion and accomplishing their dreams despite something that may be consider a “hurdle”. Pregnancy is a blessing for most and being able to still meet her goals makes Alysia Montano an inspiration. I completely agree with Claire’s points. If a woman 34 weeks pregnant can train AND perform well, then there is no excuse for why I can’t either! As mentioned in my prompt response blog, I am working having a clean summer, and this was an awesome blog and article to read. It’s just a reminder that there is no excuse for why exercise isn’t happening. Check out Claire’s blog here for an awesome read! 


Weekly Prompt

For this summer I am not interning. I will start my internship September 1st, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s for a sports and entertainment marketing firm called Modern Advertising Inc. It’s a phenomenal company that really values a strong moral among their employees. Every week there is a “team bonding” night where the owner treats the team to a fun night out. I feel so fortunate and excited to soon join a company that is already inviting me to events even though I won’t technically be hired until Sept! For projects it’s more on a personal level –  I’m learning how to “eat clean and train mean” as any Pinterest inspiration post would say. I’m focusing my spare time on finding new and fun ways to exercise, rather than just lifting weights in the gym. Luckily, i’m not doing it alone. Both my roommate and neighbor are joining me in this journey which will help keep my clean summer on track. This summer I am also re-reading my all time favorite book series – The Uglies. The series focus’ on life of a teenager in the future where every one is made into a flawless looking individual at the age of 16. This is my third time reading the series. Furthering my professional profile, I am taking two summer courses to gain more knowledge within the public relations field while fulfilling requirements for my degree. 

Public Paradiso Arrests

In today’s society, raves and electronic dance music (EDM) seem to have turned from taboo to a social norm. Venues went from underground to now being sold out amphitheaters and arenas. This weekend The Gorge in George, Washington hosted yet another event – Paradiso. However due to last years outcome The Gorge decided to step up and take matters into their own hands. It’s well known that drugs and alcohol are a major part of these festivals. Unfortunately, mixed with high temperatures, sleep deprivation and long weekends this can lead to negative outcomes. According to The Huffington Post, last year there were a large number of attendees of Paradiso who were hospitalized, as well as one death. It was ruled that the drug Molly was the cause for all of these tradgedies. That is why this year The Gorge chose to help their image and hired enforcement. There were police officials searching every car before entering the camp grounds. According to Q13 Fox, there were the same amount of precautions taken, and the same number of arrests. There were also more service calls made last year than this year. However I believe that this years precautions and 23 arrests were shared publicly to help create a “safer” image for both the event and the venue. 


23 arrested at Paradiso Festival this weekend at the Gorge


Boy Meets World Is Back!

Well…sort of. Being a 90’s baby, I am one of the many that have grown up learning valuable life lessons through the good friends in Boy Meets World. Between Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Mr. Feeny, there was always something new going on. It’s been 14 years since we’ve last seen the crew, that is until now. Michael Jacobs is back at it with a spin off – Girl Meets World. This series shows the world through the life of a 13 year old girl – the daughter of Cory and Topanga!! The second the word was leaked this was happening the internet went crazy with posts and articles of what it may be like. Much to my surprise, online articles came from major news outlets such as CNN, LATimes, EOnline, Rolling Stones, etc. Each source either gives a synopsis of what the show is going to be, an inside scoop with Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage or reviews of how the first episode went. Interestingly enough, social media shows that original Boy Meets World fans could not wait to join in to view the much anticipated sequel. However, it seems as though 90’s fanatics were disappointed. Many Tweets involved the words “bad acting” and “disappointment” filled the online world. Yet viewers do say they will continue to tune in out of pure loyalty for the original. It’ll be interesting to see how the season goes on and if us die-hard Boy Meets World fanatics will fall in love with the series all over again.