Public Paradiso Arrests

In today’s society, raves and electronic dance music (EDM) seem to have turned from taboo to a social norm. Venues went from underground to now being sold out amphitheaters and arenas. This weekend The Gorge in George, Washington hosted yet another event – Paradiso. However due to last years outcome The Gorge decided to step up and take matters into their own hands. It’s well known that drugs and alcohol are a major part of these festivals. Unfortunately, mixed with high temperatures, sleep deprivation and long weekends this can lead to negative outcomes. According to The Huffington Post, last year there were a large number of attendees of Paradiso who were hospitalized, as well as one death. It was ruled that the drug Molly was the cause for all of these tradgedies. That is why this year The Gorge chose to help their image and hired enforcement. There were police officials searching every car before entering the camp grounds. According to Q13 Fox, there were the same amount of precautions taken, and the same number of arrests. There were also more service calls made last year than this year. However I believe that this years precautions and 23 arrests were shared publicly to help create a “safer” image for both the event and the venue. 


23 arrested at Paradiso Festival this weekend at the Gorge


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