Putting on the Facebook front

This silent video features a man named Scott who shares his life through social media – or what he wants people to see. He goes through things in his life that are less than par yet plays up his posts to make his life seem better to gain more “likes”. When his girlfriend and him are doing nothing, he says theyre out to dinner. When she’s caught cheating he posts “finally single”. When he gets fired he shares “Finally quit my dead-end job #FollowYourDreams”. At the end of all these less than ideal events, he makes yet another post “my life sucks.”

It’s just interesting to me to see how this is seen to be true (to an extent). Clearly no one wants to see the awful things that are going on your life such as a break up, loss of a job or even your lack of excercise. The point of social media is to share your experiences with friends, but it seems to have become a popularity contest. It’s about who you’re friends with and how many likes your new profile picture got.

The quantity has overcome the quality – both with the software portion and the social. Facebook is ever changing to be new and unique, but with that it looses a sense of simplicity. By the time you’ve gotten used to your current version of Facebook, it’s updated to become something different. It’s all a tactic to become the most popular social media versus the most comfortable. Personally I would rather have quality over quantity, but maybe that’s just me.


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