Weekly Prompt

For this summer I am not interning. I will start my internship September 1st, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s for a sports and entertainment marketing firm called Modern Advertising Inc. It’s a phenomenal company that really values a strong moral among their employees. Every week there is a “team bonding” night where the owner treats the team to a fun night out. I feel so fortunate and excited to soon join a company that is already inviting me to events even though I won’t technically be hired until Sept! For projects it’s more on a personal level –  I’m learning how to “eat clean and train mean” as any Pinterest inspiration post would say. I’m focusing my spare time on finding new and fun ways to exercise, rather than just lifting weights in the gym. Luckily, i’m not doing it alone. Both my roommate and neighbor are joining me in this journey which will help keep my clean summer on track. This summer I am also re-reading my all time favorite book series – The Uglies. The series focus’ on life of a teenager in the future where every one is made into a flawless looking individual at the age of 16. This is my third time reading the series. Furthering my professional profile, I am taking two summer courses to gain more knowledge within the public relations field while fulfilling requirements for my degree. 


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