Company’s doing their part

Corporate Social Responsibility is essentially a company doing voluntary work that betters a social or environmental issue or concern. It is important to a business because basically it shows good character. If a company is doing something above and beyond just trying to make money, the public is going to acknowledge this and associate the company with positivity.

Teen pregnancy is an issue that hits close to home. My mom worked in a teen parent program within my school district for years, and I watched girls my age and younger struggling to graduate or obstain their G.E.D. The program within my school district was a huge help for them, but unfortunately only allowed for 10 girls at a time to be a participant. The school district eventually shut it down. To me this was heartbreaking; to see these girls trying so hard to better themselves for their child and they were neglected.

Even though this press release wasn’t in Washington State, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation donated a $28,500 grant for Insights Teen Parenting Program in Oregon. Insights helps homeless teen parents get off the streets and back into education, providing a variety of services to help make this possible. Not only did the Gates Foundation donate to the Insights program in Oregon, but continually donates to help families in need in Washington State. They help those on the streets find a home, and prevent families from becoming homeless.

To me, this says a lot about a company. It shows that they do more than their part to better our community. They focus their time on subjects that can make a difference – globally and locally.


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