Kittitas Embezzling Scandal – Response to Russel’s post

The way our judicial systems weighs out crimes continually astonishes me. After reading Russell’s blog about the Kittitas Embezzling scandal I am just in shock! First of all, you would think that in such a small community $10,000 wouldn’t be easily uncounted for. There can only be so many donations within a town of 25,000 people.

Second, the woman guilty of the crime is hardly being punished. 30 days of work crew seems like a little bit of a joke if you ask me.  Sure, she didn’t rob a bank or commit murder, so it’s understandable she isn’t spending the next 5 years in prison, nor should she. However 30 days of work crew and a couple thousand dollar fine hardly seems like anything more than a slap on the wrist. Was she even terminated from the position held within the school district?

I find it pretty amusing that all throughout grades k-12 we’re taught how to “always do the right thing” or else we must pay the consequence. Well, here is a prime example of someone disobeying and the consequence just seems a little to light for any real justice or lesson learned.


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