Toddler left in hot car while his father’s at work “sexting”

It’s been all over the news, Justin Harris – the father of a young toddler named Cooper – left his son in the hot car which led to Coopers death. The debate on whether it was an accident or intentional is still at hand. However, Harris begins to look more and more guilty after each piece of evidence is unturned.

If you haven’t read the articles, seen the  news stories or read about it on social media yet, Harris left his 22-month old son in his car while he was at work, claiming that he had forgotten to drop him off at child care. When he left work to go meet up with friends at the movies, he discovered his son Cooper in the backseat no longer alive.

New evidence has shown that Harris is looking guiltier than ever. Not only did the daycare email him while he was at work saying that Cooper had never arrived that morning, previous searches in Harris’ computer two weeks prior are more than enough for a strong case. He searched things such as “how hot is considered dangerous in a car” and browsed forums like “a child-free life”. Harris had also driven a good distance and made three phone calls all before “discovering” Cooper in the backseat. Not only that, but he had been “sexting” six other women the entire time his child was left in his car, including 16-year old girls, while his wife was at work. It doesn’t make his case that much stronger – just shows how big of a creep this guy really is.

What I find totally astonishing is the fact that his wife has been quoted to be “absolutely not mad” at her husband and knows that he will be just as good of a father to their future children. It’s sad to see yet another life taken too young by parents who were never fit to be just that – suitable parents.


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