Blackfish – SeaWorlds worst nightmare

By now, anyone keeping up with current events has seen the documentary Blackfish. Blackfish reveals the truth about the relationship between Sea World trainers and their captivated orcas that the public rarely sees. Interviews with previous employees and trainers give insight on the true harm that these whales have experienced as well as caused.

Before watching the film I didn’t really know what to expect. Sure, I knew that Sea World trains Orcas for entertainment purposes, but I had no idea how many horrific things actually take place. The documentary made me gasp and cringe more than once. These whales are wild animals taken from their habitats purely for profit by Sea World. While in captivity they truly live up to their name as a Killer Whale. I was astonished and heartbroken by the suffering that these creatures endured while being held captive in the ultimate unnatural habitat.

Since the opening of Sea World, three trainers have died and numerous was injured. This is clearly something that the business was not willing to publicize, even to their own employees. Sea World executives took the blame away from the animals that caused these aggravated attacks, and instead put the focus on “mistakes” allegedly made by trainers. These executives and “expert witnesses” – aka professionals paid to support whatever Sea World’s case is – said and did anything to protect the image of their money making Orca’s to keep visitors from avoiding the park. Blackfish portrayed a completely different side to it all.

Employees and trainers were not made aware of the injuries that had been taking place at the various Sea World locations. When the incidents were finally brought to their attention, again, upper management made it out to be the victim’s fault. Blackfish shows the truth within what happens at Sea World. The documentary is a powerful reality check to what goes into our so called entertainment, even if it means risking the lives of the performers as well as the animals.


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