Believer of Y2K Surfaces After 14 Years – True or spoof?

If you were around in the ’90s, you probably remember the Y2K scare. It was rumored that the start of the year 2000 would be the beginning of the end of all civilization. Technology would shut down and all hell would break loose.

Well in case you were wondering, that never happened! The world is still standing and technology is advancing faster than ever. However not everyone knows this. In fact, Norman Feller has no idea what has happened in the past 14 years. This man has been in a bunker since the year 2000 and has finally emerged to see if the world has really ended.

It’s an incredible story turned into a documentary. However there is rumor that it could be false! The original report came from This Is That radio show. The show itself has not always been truthful with the stories they share. So the question remains, is the story of Normal Feller fact or fiction? You be the judge.


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