Exercise and Obesity – Response to Claire Cox

While reading Claire’s post about how lack of exercise is the main cause of obesity among American’s today, I was not surprised. Obesity is an problem that is taking over our society, and it is very apparent. Even in our reading this week there was a section dedicated to “pouring on the pounds”. This reading states that fast food has taken over due to convience, and the portions have grown larger. Over eating is another large cause of obesity. The sizes of portions provided when eating out make people feel as though they have to finish even though they may be consuming over 1,000 calories in just one meal. Lack of exercise mixed with over eating is the perfect combination for disaster. However I do have to agree with Claire – I too am guilty of this problem that is taking over America. Being a typical “broke college student” eating on a budget is often a priority. And healthy foods tend to be more expensive than junk food or eating out. Plus with working part time and attending school full time, there are days where working out just isn’t going to happen. Prioritizing will help almost every college student that has this problem.


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