Changing what it means to do things #LikeAGirl

For my mini case study I chose to research the #LikeAGirl campaign which is sponsored by Always. Always is a company that produces feminine hygiene products for menstrual periods. The campaign focuses on the negative connotation of what it means to do something “like a girl”. The video they created is powerful and inspiring in more ways than one. The girls in the beginning of the video are older – probably early and late teens – who demonstrate their version of what doing things like a girl is. When asked to run like a girl, they flailed their hands and worried about their hair. When asked to fight like a girl, they made it look like patty cake. They’ve developed the knowledge that “like a girl” is an insult.

However the next part of the video was interviews with younger girls – around 10 years old. They were asked all of the same questions, but had much more empowering answers. When asked what running like a girl means, one girl answered “running as fast as you can”. The demonstrations were girls running hard and fast, fighting with power, among other things.

Always’ goal was to make the saying “like a girl” an empowering and inspiring compliment. Running like a girl should mean winning the race, not a weak answer. The case study showed that in the three weeks the video has been out it has gone viral. There are over 420,000 likes on Facebook, and over 33 million views on YouTube. Its an incredible start to changing the way society looks at women and young girls.


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