JCPenny thinks outside the box

Always isn’t the only company looking to boost consumers self esteem. JCPenny has started their newest campaign – “When It Fits, You Feel It” – featuring mannequins shaped after actual people. The campaign features mannequins with five different body types, ones that you wouldn’t normally see in a department store of any type. These mannequins are featured in the JCPenny in Manhattan Mall. The first mannequin is modeled after a woman in a wheelchair who has incomplete paralysis. The next is modeled after a former army paratrooper who now has prosthetic legs. The third is a man with dwarfism, the fourth a woman who is a 6-foot tall basketball player. The final mannequin is based off of a plus-size mom.

The campaign originated from a company in denver, going off of their campaign “Love Your Selfie”. JCPenny feels that it’s important to embrace the power of body image.

Personally I find comfort in knowing that society has finally started to notice, and take action, on how the media displays beauty. No person is the same, and it’s so powerful when brands such as JCPenny or Always help to show that this is not a bad thing. Being proud of who you are is something that many study with. Our society idolizes celebrities who either starve themselves, get help in unnatural ways, or use the best of the best nutritionists and fitness experts that help them become the way that they are. It’s great for profit for Hollywood – but a terror among young girls , and guys, in the real world.


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