Colorado Couple Kiss the Pounds Goodbye

A couple in Colorado have become a true inspiration to anyone trying to join, or is already a part of, the active-healthy life style. Robert and Jessica Foster weighed a combined total of 614 lbs. They knew that this was a death sentence if they continued their ways. Instead of just sulking in their guilt, the Foster’s decided to take action. The problem began from overeating, which ended up being the hardest challenge they had to overcome. Their family life was even affected, they felt poorly about themselves and therefore did not play with their kids as often as they should.

This is when they knew it was time for a change. Jessica began participating in Zumba classes. She immediately saw results with an initial loss of 14 lbs. Her husband Robert was a little less motivated to start with exercise. However he did start with small diet changes. When they started to see results, they became more active. The couple began competing in 5k races, although the competition was truly between each other – yet again more motivation. In all the couple lost a total of 280 lbs. combined.

As someone who is in the process of joining the healthy and active lifestyle, this is a total inspiration. It’s incredible to see people take control of their lives and make a positive change. With obesity being such an overwhelming problem among Americans, I would hope that this gets shared and inspires other to take control and make a change.


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