Epileptic woman has brain surgery – now seizure free!

When someone says the word “Epilepsy” most people are either scare, shocked or completely confused. They think of the worst case scenario or they think it’s a disease where you fall asleep (Narcolepsy). However this is far from what it is. Epilepsy is a neurological brain disease that comes in a variation of types. It can be calmed and treated with medications, but there has yet to be a successful cure.

However, there was a breakthrough for one woman who has been helped. Naomi Lewkowski is a 23-year-old stay at home mom who suffers from grand-mal seizures that last for up to three minutes. They happen ay any given time, with no rhyme or reason and no warning. This became a problem with a new baby, so the Lewkowski’s hired an in home caregiver. After trying a variety of medications that did not work out due to side effects or ineffectiveness, Naomi’s neurologist made a daring suggestion – Vagus Nerve Stimulation therapy.

“Called vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) therapy, the device is implanted in the chest and sends rhythmic impulses to the vagus nerve in the neck, which in turn sends impulses to the brain,”. It acts as a pacemaker for the brain.

Since the surgery Naomi’s seizures have drastically decreased. She is now down to one or two seizures a month.

As an Epileptic, it’s encouraging hearing stories like this. It may be a breakthrough or it may be luck, but to know there are blessed individuals who have the help they need is such a heart warming feeling. I hope that one day there will be a cure so that no Epileptic has to struggle with things as simple as taking a shower or driving a car.



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