The truth about heavy drinking – response to Claire Cox

It really is true you learn something new everyday. After reading the article and blog provided by Claire it’s incredible to see the truth behind what’s considered “heavy drinking”. All throughout any education I’ve had about drinking, I’ve been told that if you drink more than 4 or 5 drinks a night more than 3 nights a week you may not be a lightweight. However new studies show this is not the case.

According to a new study, having more than 8 drinks a week as a woman is considered heavy drinking and could lead to health problems. As a college student, this is shocking to find. Sure, I may not spend all of my time going wild at parties every night like the media portrays in movies. But going out with friends every now and then is in my social agenda. Looking at the new statistics is an eye opener and will make me reconsidering what I’m drinking, and how much, next time I hit the town.


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