A once-in-a-lifetime kayaking experience

An Argentina couple went out for what started as a relaxing kayak ride. Yet what happened while they were out on the water was completely unexpected. The couple saw something off in the distance, that at first was unrecognizable. Although, it’s apparent that it was something large.

As the couple neared the object, they realized it was a whale. Not only one, but a pod of whales. It was apparent that these large mammals were not threatened, but instead friendly. It was as if they were “playing” with the couple on their kayak. They hoisted the kayak on their back. It even took them under for a minute. The calm and collected nature of the couple is quite astonishing.

They filmed the entire thing, and the woman was seen smiling and laughing. After a few minutes the whales went along their way and let the couple finish their leisurely activity.

I was blown away by this experience. It’s incredible to see animals that have been negatively portrayed in the media since Blackfish. However, it just goes to show that these animals are not meant to be captivated. They interacted with the couple as if they were old friends. It just goes to show that such large and beautiful creatures belong in their natural habitat. Blackfish shows whales aggravated and acting trainers. But I’m sure that if they were in the wild the attitude towards humans would be less aggressive. If only people would realize this and let animals be free where they belong – in the wild. Accidents like those that happened at SeaWorld could easily be avoided.


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