Plagiarism Isn’t Just In College

Buzzfeed is one of the most widely recognized source of news and entertainment articles on the internet today. Their articles are anywhere from comedic, reminiscing on decades past, sharing world and US politics and events. They also cover topics for how to do things yourself, or new foods you must try. I personally have the app and check the website daily for once source of entertainment or another.

That’s why it is shocking to see an act of plagiarism take place within the company. It’s surprising to see that college isn’t the only place that has a major threat of submitting false work. Buzzfeed journalist Benny Johnson has submitted over 500 articles, and has been found guilty of 41 of them being plagiarized.

Buzzfeed is taking great action to apologize for this matter. They created an editors note publicly sharing the journalists name and where he found information from. They shared that all editors involved take real responsibility in the matter. Buzzfeed then proceeded to share al 41 links to the articles that have been submitted with stolen information.

I find this refreshing to see a business standing up and almost shaming the culprit. They were extremely public about the mistake and I find that very respectful. It’s just a nice reminder of why I still have a love for the glorious website that helps me procrastinate on a daily basis.


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