Bieber vs. Bloom

According to sources of Buzzfeed, two of Hollywood’s iconic hotties, Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, (almost) duked it out in front of a restaurant in Spain last week. Of course, being the little trouble maker that he is, Bieber got Bloom riled up while he walked by saying “Whats up bitch?”. Bloom, in turn, swung at Bieber but missed while body guards and security got involved. No worries everyone, neither of their pretty little faces were injured in any way.

Sources say that they were fighting over Miranda Kerr – Orlando Bloom’s ex wife. Apparenlty she was sneaking around with Beiber before the marriage was actually over. However, things start to get messy. Not only were Kerr and Bieber rumored to have been sneaking around, but now Bloom and Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez have been sighted together.

It seems to me that this looks like a high school-love-triangle sort of ordeal that shouldn’t really even be news worthy. It’s no surprise that Bieber is once again in the lime light in a not so positive way. I’m sure that his Public Relations agent has a never ending job of cleaning up after that kid’s messes.


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