Is America Next? The Ebola Scare

If you haven’t been keeping up with whats been going on around the world medically lately, then I’m sure you have no idea what this means. Nigeria has been infected with Ebola, a deadly disease that is incredibly contagious, and it’s the biggest outbreak in history. It’s a terrifying infection that has yet to find real treatment.

Humanitarians Nancy Writebol and Dr. Kent Brantly are the two currently known Americans that have been infected with Ebola. They are in the process of being sent back to the United States for treatment. However this seems a little dangerous.

The disease is spread easily through the air, or direct contact with someone infected. It has spread rapidly throughout Africa, and now we want to fly an infected victim to a country that is currently not at risk in any way. It seems like this is just asking for trouble. All it takes is one little cough or sneeze before someone else gets it and the outbreak begins. Sure, the United States has better resources than Africa. But no matter how isolated they may be, there will always be someone in contact with them. I guess only time will tell.


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