The Automated Thanking Machine

This video truly brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps to my arms. TD Bank in Canada gave every customer at least a $20 bill on July 25. However, some received something even more.

More than 12 regular customers were selected ahead of time, and given gifts that would touch them in a very moving way. A woman who’s daughter lived in Trinidad and was suffering from Cancer, received two tickets to fly to Trinidad and be with her. A man who has a love for baseball not only got jerseys, hats and gloves, but met one of the players and was selected to throw the first pitch.

A woman who struggled financially, received two piggy banks with $1000 checks for her two kids to be put into a savings fund. Not only that, she was given a trip to Disneyland for her and her family, completely paid for.

TD Bank really hit the head on the nail with this publicity stunt. They picked twelve people who may have needed something to make them smile. It showed that the bank is more than just that, they’re a friend. They’re someone who you can trust, and want to have in your life. By creating the Automated Thanking Machine, TD Bank has strengthened and created relationships with customers that will (most likely) be ever-lasting.


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