The truth about heavy drinking – response to Claire Cox

It really is true you learn something new everyday. After reading the article and blog provided by Claire it’s incredible to see the truth behind what’s considered “heavy drinking”. All throughout any education I’ve had about drinking, I’ve been told that if you drink more than 4 or 5 drinks a night more than 3 nights a week you may not be a lightweight. However new studies show this is not the case.

According to a new study, having more than 8 drinks a week as a woman is considered heavy drinking and could lead to health problems. As a college student, this is shocking to find. Sure, I may not spend all of my time going wild at parties every night like the media portrays in movies. But going out with friends every now and then is in my social agenda. Looking at the new statistics is an eye opener and will make me reconsidering what I’m drinking, and how much, next time I hit the town.


Colorado Couple Kiss the Pounds Goodbye

A couple in Colorado have become a true inspiration to anyone trying to join, or is already a part of, the active-healthy life style. Robert and Jessica Foster weighed a combined total of 614 lbs. They knew that this was a death sentence if they continued their ways. Instead of just sulking in their guilt, the Foster’s decided to take action. The problem began from overeating, which ended up being the hardest challenge they had to overcome. Their family life was even affected, they felt poorly about themselves and therefore did not play with their kids as often as they should.

This is when they knew it was time for a change. Jessica began participating in Zumba classes. She immediately saw results with an initial loss of 14 lbs. Her husband Robert was a little less motivated to start with exercise. However he did start with small diet changes. When they started to see results, they became more active. The couple began competing in 5k races, although the competition was truly between each other – yet again more motivation. In all the couple lost a total of 280 lbs. combined.

As someone who is in the process of joining the healthy and active lifestyle, this is a total inspiration. It’s incredible to see people take control of their lives and make a positive change. With obesity being such an overwhelming problem among Americans, I would hope that this gets shared and inspires other to take control and make a change.

JCPenny thinks outside the box

Always isn’t the only company looking to boost consumers self esteem. JCPenny has started their newest campaign – “When It Fits, You Feel It” – featuring mannequins shaped after actual people. The campaign features mannequins with five different body types, ones that you wouldn’t normally see in a department store of any type. These mannequins are featured in the JCPenny in Manhattan Mall. The first mannequin is modeled after a woman in a wheelchair who has incomplete paralysis. The next is modeled after a former army paratrooper who now has prosthetic legs. The third is a man with dwarfism, the fourth a woman who is a 6-foot tall basketball player. The final mannequin is based off of a plus-size mom.

The campaign originated from a company in denver, going off of their campaign “Love Your Selfie”. JCPenny feels that it’s important to embrace the power of body image.

Personally I find comfort in knowing that society has finally started to notice, and take action, on how the media displays beauty. No person is the same, and it’s so powerful when brands such as JCPenny or Always help to show that this is not a bad thing. Being proud of who you are is something that many study with. Our society idolizes celebrities who either starve themselves, get help in unnatural ways, or use the best of the best nutritionists and fitness experts that help them become the way that they are. It’s great for profit for Hollywood – but a terror among young girls , and guys, in the real world.

Changing what it means to do things #LikeAGirl

For my mini case study I chose to research the #LikeAGirl campaign which is sponsored by Always. Always is a company that produces feminine hygiene products for menstrual periods. The campaign focuses on the negative connotation of what it means to do something “like a girl”. The video they created is powerful and inspiring in more ways than one. The girls in the beginning of the video are older – probably early and late teens – who demonstrate their version of what doing things like a girl is. When asked to run like a girl, they flailed their hands and worried about their hair. When asked to fight like a girl, they made it look like patty cake. They’ve developed the knowledge that “like a girl” is an insult.

However the next part of the video was interviews with younger girls – around 10 years old. They were asked all of the same questions, but had much more empowering answers. When asked what running like a girl means, one girl answered “running as fast as you can”. The demonstrations were girls running hard and fast, fighting with power, among other things.

Always’ goal was to make the saying “like a girl” an empowering and inspiring compliment. Running like a girl should mean winning the race, not a weak answer. The case study showed that in the three weeks the video has been out it has gone viral. There are over 420,000 likes on Facebook, and over 33 million views on YouTube. Its an incredible start to changing the way society looks at women and young girls.

Believer of Y2K Surfaces After 14 Years – True or spoof?

If you were around in the ’90s, you probably remember the Y2K scare. It was rumored that the start of the year 2000 would be the beginning of the end of all civilization. Technology would shut down and all hell would break loose.

Well in case you were wondering, that never happened! The world is still standing and technology is advancing faster than ever. However not everyone knows this. In fact, Norman Feller has no idea what has happened in the past 14 years. This man has been in a bunker since the year 2000 and has finally emerged to see if the world has really ended.

It’s an incredible story turned into a documentary. However there is rumor that it could be false! The original report came from This Is That radio show. The show itself has not always been truthful with the stories they share. So the question remains, is the story of Normal Feller fact or fiction? You be the judge.

Exercise and Obesity – Response to Claire Cox

While reading Claire’s post about how lack of exercise is the main cause of obesity among American’s today, I was not surprised. Obesity is an problem that is taking over our society, and it is very apparent. Even in our reading this week there was a section dedicated to “pouring on the pounds”. This reading states that fast food has taken over due to convience, and the portions have grown larger. Over eating is another large cause of obesity. The sizes of portions provided when eating out make people feel as though they have to finish even though they may be consuming over 1,000 calories in just one meal. Lack of exercise mixed with over eating is the perfect combination for disaster. However I do have to agree with Claire – I too am guilty of this problem that is taking over America. Being a typical “broke college student” eating on a budget is often a priority. And healthy foods tend to be more expensive than junk food or eating out. Plus with working part time and attending school full time, there are days where working out just isn’t going to happen. Prioritizing will help almost every college student that has this problem.

Blackfish – SeaWorlds worst nightmare

By now, anyone keeping up with current events has seen the documentary Blackfish. Blackfish reveals the truth about the relationship between Sea World trainers and their captivated orcas that the public rarely sees. Interviews with previous employees and trainers give insight on the true harm that these whales have experienced as well as caused.

Before watching the film I didn’t really know what to expect. Sure, I knew that Sea World trains Orcas for entertainment purposes, but I had no idea how many horrific things actually take place. The documentary made me gasp and cringe more than once. These whales are wild animals taken from their habitats purely for profit by Sea World. While in captivity they truly live up to their name as a Killer Whale. I was astonished and heartbroken by the suffering that these creatures endured while being held captive in the ultimate unnatural habitat.

Since the opening of Sea World, three trainers have died and numerous was injured. This is clearly something that the business was not willing to publicize, even to their own employees. Sea World executives took the blame away from the animals that caused these aggravated attacks, and instead put the focus on “mistakes” allegedly made by trainers. These executives and “expert witnesses” – aka professionals paid to support whatever Sea World’s case is – said and did anything to protect the image of their money making Orca’s to keep visitors from avoiding the park. Blackfish portrayed a completely different side to it all.

Employees and trainers were not made aware of the injuries that had been taking place at the various Sea World locations. When the incidents were finally brought to their attention, again, upper management made it out to be the victim’s fault. Blackfish shows the truth within what happens at Sea World. The documentary is a powerful reality check to what goes into our so called entertainment, even if it means risking the lives of the performers as well as the animals.

Company’s doing their part

Corporate Social Responsibility is essentially a company doing voluntary work that betters a social or environmental issue or concern. It is important to a business because basically it shows good character. If a company is doing something above and beyond just trying to make money, the public is going to acknowledge this and associate the company with positivity.

Teen pregnancy is an issue that hits close to home. My mom worked in a teen parent program within my school district for years, and I watched girls my age and younger struggling to graduate or obstain their G.E.D. The program within my school district was a huge help for them, but unfortunately only allowed for 10 girls at a time to be a participant. The school district eventually shut it down. To me this was heartbreaking; to see these girls trying so hard to better themselves for their child and they were neglected.

Even though this press release wasn’t in Washington State, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation donated a $28,500 grant for Insights Teen Parenting Program in Oregon. Insights helps homeless teen parents get off the streets and back into education, providing a variety of services to help make this possible. Not only did the Gates Foundation donate to the Insights program in Oregon, but continually donates to help families in need in Washington State. They help those on the streets find a home, and prevent families from becoming homeless.

To me, this says a lot about a company. It shows that they do more than their part to better our community. They focus their time on subjects that can make a difference – globally and locally.

Kansas builds 168 ft. water slide

Thats right, 168 feet – which comes out to be about 17 stories worth of stairs to get to the top.

This ride has been certified by the Guinness World Records to in fact be the worlds tallest waterside to date. It is 5 feet taller than the previous record holder.

Jeff Henry is the owner of  Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts and was more than willing to be the test dummy for the new design, along with his assistant and head designer John Schooley. They chose to be the ones to test it out so that they can determine what needs to be fixed. The article states that they tore down two thirds of the slide before achieving the ride they have now.

What makes it so unique is the fact that it’s not just a single drop. This slide – called the Verrückt – has twists, turns, and even goes uphill. With speeds up to 50 mph, it’s sure to be enough of a thrill for even the most extreme ride go-ers. 

The opening date has been changed a few times now due to safety issues. Personally that makes me question how safe it really can be. 168 feet is a long way to fall if something were to go wrong. Not to mention the speeds, and the fact that it’s a water slide so you’re not exactly strapped safely in your seat. You’re on a four person raft…which seems a little sketchy. But hey, maybe I’m just being paranoid and it is actually the most incredible experience of your life.

Guess I’ll just have to wait and read the reviews of those who are daring enough to try.

Toddler left in hot car while his father’s at work “sexting”

It’s been all over the news, Justin Harris – the father of a young toddler named Cooper – left his son in the hot car which led to Coopers death. The debate on whether it was an accident or intentional is still at hand. However, Harris begins to look more and more guilty after each piece of evidence is unturned.

If you haven’t read the articles, seen the  news stories or read about it on social media yet, Harris left his 22-month old son in his car while he was at work, claiming that he had forgotten to drop him off at child care. When he left work to go meet up with friends at the movies, he discovered his son Cooper in the backseat no longer alive.

New evidence has shown that Harris is looking guiltier than ever. Not only did the daycare email him while he was at work saying that Cooper had never arrived that morning, previous searches in Harris’ computer two weeks prior are more than enough for a strong case. He searched things such as “how hot is considered dangerous in a car” and browsed forums like “a child-free life”. Harris had also driven a good distance and made three phone calls all before “discovering” Cooper in the backseat. Not only that, but he had been “sexting” six other women the entire time his child was left in his car, including 16-year old girls, while his wife was at work. It doesn’t make his case that much stronger – just shows how big of a creep this guy really is.

What I find totally astonishing is the fact that his wife has been quoted to be “absolutely not mad” at her husband and knows that he will be just as good of a father to their future children. It’s sad to see yet another life taken too young by parents who were never fit to be just that – suitable parents.